Conception Reflexology:



The fertility rate around the world is declining rapidly and there are many reasons for this.  Some are out of our control, others we can do something about and learn to change our lifestyles accordingly.


When a couple make a conscious decision to "try for a baby" they are already putting themselves under pressure, and if a healthy woman does not fall pregnant after a year, or 6 months if she is over 35 years of age, this is medically classified as being "infertile".


Approximately 1 in 6 couples may have infertility problems. This is split into two categories, Primary Infertility where a woman has never conceived, and Secondary Infertility where a woman has had successful pregnancies in the past, but is struggling to conceive or maintain a pregnancy again. 


One of the most common causes of infertility can be attributed to hormones. Your body must produce a complex balance of hormones in order for it to be ready to receive a sperm. Reflexology can help to rebalance both male and female hormones and provide a stress reducing environment. 


Whether you are just embarking on your journey for a child, or have been trying for quite some time or even preparing for IVF, both you and your partner can benefit from reflexology as it helps to balance the organs and hormones related to pregnancy. 


For conception reflexology, I would recommend a course of 6 treatments to aim to restore your body back to it's natural equilibrium and to bring your hormones back into a balanced state, followed by a monthly treatment approximately 3 days prior to ovulation.


Each week you will also receive a set of comprehensive notes to accompany your treatment.


Week 1 - How reflexology can help

Week 2 - Common causes of infertility

Week 3 - Healthy eggs and sperm

Week 4 - Environmental factors

Week 5 - Stress reduction

Week 6 - Conclusion and further research






Conception reflexology - single treatment - £40.00

Conception reflexology - (course of 6) paid in advance - £200.00 a saving of £40.00! 

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