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Maternity Reflexology:


When you become pregnant your body goes through significant changes both emotionally and physically which can affect the "balance" of your body. Reflexology can help alleviate or prevent many of these imbalances.

After the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta is fully established and the risk of miscarriage greatly reduced.  Now is the perfect time to incorporate a regular reflexology treatment into your routine. Reflexology aims to support you and your growing baby as you prepare for birth.  The benefits of maternity reflexology may include:

Relief of backache, ligament pain, symphysis pubic

dysfunction and sciatica.

Digestive issues including constipation and nausea.

Relief of stress and anxiety - great for general relaxation.

Sore, aching feet, swelling in feet and ankles.

Poor sleep or insomnia.

Headaches, migraine, fatigue and exhaustion.

Reflexology is a wonderful natural therapy, one of the best you can choose during your pregnancy.  

Post-natal Reflexology:

The benefits of regular reflexology can continue after the birth of your baby.  

Most babies will happily sleep on their mothers during a treatment. 

The benefits of postnatal reflexology may include:

Feeling a sense of calm.

Reducing stress and anxiety.

Rebalancing hormones.

Relieve swelling in feet and ankles.

Aiding the mother's milk flow.

Helping with symphysis pubis dysfunction.

Improving the quality of sleep.

I can thoroughly recommend pregnancy reflexology with Tracey.  It was incredibly relaxing - I looked forward to it all week.  She has a lovely gentle manner and certainly knows her stuff.  I am certain it helped me have a healthy pregnancy and super quick birth! Antonia M - Witley


Research has shown that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can shorten the duration of the first stage of labour, and women often require less pain relief during the course of the delivery. (Valiani M et al 2010)

One hour maternity or post-natal reflexology is £50.00

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