As a form of holistic therapy known to treat the whole person, reflexology actually dates back to Ancient Egyptian times. Focusing on the links between the organs and systems in your body and corresponding areas on your feet, you'll find reflexology to be a wonderfully relaxing treatment that aims to restore the entire equilibrium of your body.


Discover a fabulous treatment that is carried out through the art of gentle pressure to reflexes on your feet in the comfort of your own home. You'll be amazed at the overall improvement in your well-being.



How can it help you?


A reflexologist can detect subtle differences in your feet which may indicate an imbalance in the corresponding part of your body. Crystal deposits can occur which create a blockage in the energy flow. These deposits are massaged away, the blockage released, and any residue toxins disposed of naturally by your body. You'll find that reflexology may help with many different medical conditions, but you'll undoubtedly feel one of the following!


  • Calm, with an increased sense of relaxation

  • Everyday anxiety, stress and tension reduced

  • An improvement in your sleep

  • A lightened mood

  • A greater sense of well-being






Your Treatment:


"My first, but definitely not my last treatment. Amazing!"

 Jayne N - Fleet



Firstly, I'll go through details of your medical history and any concerns or issues you may have. Everything is kept entirely confidential. My aim is to make you feel completely at ease. You'll only be asked to remove your footwear. However, to feel more comfortable during your treatment, I would suggest that you wear loose fitting clothes. 


After your consultation, your treatment will begin with a soothing foot massage to help you relax. Then gentle pressure will be applied to each specific reflex point on your feet. This shouldn't be painful, but some reflex points may be sensitive due to the imbalance in the body's energy. The whole treatment will take about an hour. After the treatment you may feel calm, relaxed or even sleepy. Others may feel energised and rejuvenated. Everyone is unique and responds differently to reflexology.



One hour reflexology is £40.00

It’s important to note that reflexology does not diagnose conditions or claim to cure.  However, many health professionals are happy for reflexology to be used alongside conventional medicine as it may play a beneficial part in your well-being.