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As a form of holistic therapy known to treat the whole person, reflexology actually dates back to Ancient Egyptian times. Focusing on the links between the organs and systems in your body and corresponding areas on your feet, you'll find reflexology to be a wonderfully relaxing treatment that aims to restore the entire equilibrium of your body.  Discover a fabulous treatment that is carried out through the art of gentle pressure to reflexes on your feet. You'll be amazed at the overall improvement in your sense of well-being including:


  • Feeling calm, and relaxed

  • Everyday anxiety, stress and tension reduced

  • An improvement in your sleep

  • A lightened mood

  • A greater sense of well-being

  • A lightness in your feet







"My first, but definitely not my last treatment. Amazing!"

 Jayne N - Fleet



One hour reflexology is £50.00

It’s important to note that reflexology does not diagnose conditions or claim to cure.  However, many health professionals recommend reflexology to be used alongside conventional medicine as it may play a beneficial part in your well-being.

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