Zone Face Lift TM

It's more than beauty, it's facial wellness!

Introducing The Zone Face Lift which has been developed over many years from a combination of traditional reflexology methods, ancient healing techniques from Native American shamans and Asian body mapping.  Pioneered by the UK's leading holistic beauty expert and reflexologist, Ziggie Bergman, this is a treatment like none other!


Take your face on an incredible, gentle, non-invasive 75 minute journey....

Incorporating the Zone Face Lift facial including nourishing Eve Taylor aromatherapy skin care products, hot towels, facial reflexology, facial massage and the use of facial tools such as gua sha, facial rollers and quartz healing crystals.



The Zone Face Lift is a brilliant new facial treatment being hailed by many as a credible alternative to botox and fillers!

  • naturally stimulates collagen and elastin

  • peels away layers of emotion held in the face

  • smooths and lifts the face

  • leaves a glowing complexion

  • stimulates reflex points in the face to balance the whole body

  • helps to reduce stress, migraines, sinus problems, insomnia etc

Zone Face Lift  - 75 minutes - £55.00

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